Plant-based expertise for bone and joint health

Our in-depth research of the properties of plants and expertise over the years have resulted in the development of a range of exclusive plant-based formulas aimed at restoring and maintaining bone and joint comfort and health.

As we age, the superstructure of the human body may weaken causing discomfort and reduced mobility. Supporting its functionning with adequate and innovative plant-based solutions is key to continue enjoying life to the fullest. 

Bones and joints provide support for the body, help shape it and allow movement. The body is a strong, solid and complex superstructure that may weaken over the years, causing discomfort, pain and even reduced mobility. It might start with an achy knee or the lack of flexibility to bend down, but it could get worse if you don't do something for remedying this situation. Don't let aging slow you down and pause your dynamic life!

Soria Natural has been working for decades now in order to provide its customers around the world with effective plant-based products including OSTEO COMPLEX, MINCARSUPLEX and NOFLASOR aimed at restoring and maintaining bone and joint comfort and health.

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Say goodbye to pain and inflammation
Silorglic sachets


All tissue regeneration
Mincarsuplex Ovo tablets

Mincarsuplex Ovo

Keep your joints and skin in good condition
Noflasor tablets


Integral plant-based formula against inflammation and pain
16-C Dologén - Caps. XXI

16-C Dologen Caps XXI

Get ahead of inflammation
23-S Blackcurrant - Caps. XXI

23-S Blackcurrant Caps XXI

Relief of rheumatic pains

Composor 20 Dologen Complex XXI

Get ahead of inflammation

Devil's claw Extract XXI

Treatment for bone and joint disorders

Passionflower Extract XXI

Mild sedative action for nerve and muscle comfort

Nettle Extract XXI

Diuretic and remineralizing effect

Horsetail Extract XXI

Get rid of excess fluids and lose weight

Burdock Extract XXI

For a beautiful skin