The importance of cyclodextrins

Though investment and innovation, Soria Natural improves the quality of its herbal extracts thanks to including cyclodextrins.

The 21st century is the century of Integrative Medicine, where natural and conventional medicine are combined by means of scientific evidence. The innovative approach of Soria Natural and new relevant scientific breakthroughs now results in the new HERBAL EXTRACTS products.

This groundbreaking and trendsetting new evolution is the result of continuous investigation and studies by the Soria Natural professionals on chemical composition, pharmacological properties, therapeutic indications, dosage, contraindications, toxicity and adverse effects, as well as on pharmacokinetics (study of the release, absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination in the body) and pharmacodynamics (study of the mechanisms of action and effects).

This new release upgrades traditional phytotherapy to a new level. This evolution has led Soria Natural to an innovative approach in this range, where one of the most relevant breakthroughts has been incorporated: the use of cyclodextrins, along with the newest technological development to achieve a faster and more effective extraction of the active principles of plants to make these products much more beneficial and effective to the body. Cyclodextrins, which are cyclical oligosaccharides of vegetal and completely natural origin obtained from the enzymatic degradation of starch (maize), has gained importance and has burst with force in recent years due to their positive effects. With the use of cyclodextrins, Soria Natural not only manages to preserve and maintain the activity of active principles, but also increases their bioavailability so that substances and active principles can act more efficiently.

This effective evolution has been designed, developed, validated and tested over seven years of interdisciplinary work by a group formed by doctors, pharmacists, biologists, naturopaths and kinesiologists, among other professionals. The expert team of the Spanish training school Vida kinesiológica has tested the new HERBAL EXTRACTS in a series of practical training sessions, ratifying the effectiveness of the product line by a better functioning of the new range in comparison with the old line and a greater bioavailability mainly due to the action of cyclodextrins and the novel process of extraction of vegetal compounds.

Soria Natural goes beyond and our herbal extracts have the ability to preserve the volatile principles of plants to achieve greater effectiveness. Just as the rest of our products, these herbal extracts are products of completely natural origin and are subject to strict quality controls at different stages throughout the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product. However, this line is special because it is made up of standardized products. Soria Natural always guarantees the same quantity of active principles per batch, apart from achieving the sufficient concentration of principles at the recommended dosages to accomplish the desired therapeutic action.

Interestingly, one can see how the efforts of Soria Natural have always been directed to continually maintain and improve the quality of its products, which involves the integration of the traditional methods and the most innovative techniques as well as a significant investment of time and resources, both human and financial. All this has led the new products to a greater performance and effectiveness, becoming an example of innovation able to maintain alive the tradition of former Phytotherapy.

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