Birch Extract XXI

Ref. 04401
1.7 fl. oz / 50 ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
  • Increases urine production

    Fluid retention, edema due to venous insufficiency, adjuvant in urinary infections, kidney stones, slimming diets.

    Birch extract is a great solution for urinary tract disorders: fluid retention, edema due to venous insufficiency, etc. It is a good diuretic as it increases urine production in a mild and non-irritative way. Birch promotes the elimination of kidney stones and hampers their buildup. It is also used in slimming diets for helping the body eliminate all the extra substances that aren't needed.

    > Internal use
    > Greater bioavailability
    > Standardized ingredients
    > Highest concentration of active principles
    > Natural ingredients
    > 100% vegetarian-vegan
    > Alcohol-free
    > Pesticide-free

  • Ingredients: Humectant: glycerin, water, lyophilized extract of birch (Betula pendula Roth, leaves) (480 mg), gamma-clyclodextrins (160 mg) and alpha-cyclodextrins (80 mg). 

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