Ref. 06131
14 x 0.34 fl. oz / 10 ml Drinkable Vials
  • Venous insufficiency and capillary fragility

    For people with venous insufficiency (varicose veins, hemorrhoids, tired and heavy legs or legs with tingling sensation, etc.), disorders on capillary fragility and permeability, circulatory alterations of the retina, and post-surgery lymphedema.

    It is a product with pleasant taste especially aimed for circulatory disorders, of both arterial and venous origin, thanks to the synergic action of all its ingredients. This combination of plants has been carefully selected for acting and protecting all the cardiovascular system (heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins), especially thanks to its capillary protective effect.

    > Patented vial system
    > Standardized ingredients
    > Highest concentration of active principles
    > Natural ingredients
    > 100% vegetarian
    > Alcohol-free
    > Gluten-free

  • Ingredients: Cap: Citrus bioflavonoids (with hesperidin), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide. Vial: Humectant: glycerin, water, fluid extract of grape vine  (Vitis vinifera L, leaves) (1150 mg), fluid extract of sarsaparrilla (Smilax aspera L, root) (750 mg), blackcurrant concentrate (Ribes nigrum L, fruit) (525 mg), dry extract of decaffeinated green tea (Camellia sinensis L, leaves) (300 mg), natural wild berry aroma, dry extract of hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha L, flowering tops) (75 mg).

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