Ref. 03082
20 x 1.2 g Sachets
  • Recover your body balance

    Adjuvant in weight loss diets.

    It is a pleasant herbal tea made of aromatic plants with a high antioxidant and stimulant effect that helps recover your body balance. White tea stands out because of its capacity to combat free radicals and fatigue. Green tea helps normalize total blood cholesterol levels and has an important antioxidant activity. Peppermint prevents gas buildup and helps remove them, so it is recommended in case of digestive alterations. Finally, thyme promotes fluid elimination.

  • Ingredients: Camellia sinensis (L) Kuntze; green tea (leaves) ….475 mg
    * Mentha piperita L; peppermint (leaves) ...................... 400 mg
    * Thymus vulgaris L; thyme (flowering tops)............... 250 mg
    Camellia sinensis (L) Kuntze; white tea (leaves) …. 75 mg

    * Plant sourced from CLEAN CROPS where no inorganic fertilizers, herbicides nor pesticides have been used.

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