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Composor-11 Digeslan Complex XXI

Composor 11 Digeslan Complex

Don't worry about digestion
Composor-18 Regastril Complex XXI

Composor 18 Regastril Complex

A blend to combat gastric inflammation
Composor-30 Lythrum Complex XXI

Composor 30 Lythrum Complex

Astringent and antiseptic action to combat diarrhea
Composor-34 Flatusor Complex XXI

Composor 34 Flatusor Complex

Slow and heavy digestion / Flatulence
03-S Fenugreek - Caps. XXI

Fenugreek Caps

Cholesterol and type-2 diabetes / Gastric problems
11-S Milk Thistle - Caps. XXI

Milk Thistle Caps

Liver problems / Excess alcohol, medicines
33-S Rough Star-Thistle - Caps. XXI

Rough Star-Thistle Caps

Reduces blood glucose levels
02-C Hepavesical- Caps. XXI

Hepavesical Caps

Hepatobiliary rebalance
Inmunoden Junior vials

Inmunoden Junior

Strengthens the defenses of the little ones
Inmunoden vials


Strengthen your immune system
Inulac tablets


Digestive disorders associated to stress
Inulac Plus tablets

Inulac Plus

Intestinal flora regulator