Immune Support

Restart your defenses and connect with your inner wellbeing
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Echinacea Extract XXI

Echinacea Extract

Complete immune support
Fumitory Extract XXI

Fumitory Extract

Regulation of the biliary function / Allergies
Propolis Extract XXI

Propolis Extract

The natural antibiotic
Composor-08 Echina Complex XXI

Composor 08 Echina Complex

Strengthen your defenses
Composor-23 Hyssopus Complex XXI

Composor 23 Hyssopus Complex

All-natural response to allergies
16-S Echinacea - Caps. XXI

Echinacea Caps

Complete immune support
30-S Propolis - Caps. XXI

Propolis Caps

The natural antibiotic
13-C Fensatín - Caps. XXI

Fensatin Caps

Increase your body defenses
Inmunoden Junior vials

Inmunoden Junior

Drinkable immune blend for children
Inmunoden vials


One thousand and one indications
Minusgrip vials


Global defense against respiratory infections

A protegerse!

Stronger defenses for the little ones