Single Herb Capsules

All the benefits of medicinal plants in a new generation of capsules that allow for optimal bioavailability and utilization
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03-S Fenugreek - Caps. XXI

03-S Fenugreek Caps XXI

Cholesterol and type-2 diabetes / Gastric problems
08-S Calaguala - Caps. XXI

08-S Calaguala Caps XXI

Helps relieve skin conditions
11-S Milk Thistle - Caps. XXI

11-S Milk Thistle Caps XXI

Liver problems / Excess alcohol, medicines
13-S Damiana - Caps. XXI

13-S Damiana Caps XXI

Boost your spirits and libido
14-S Dandelion - Caps. XXI

14-S Dandelion Caps XXI

Say goodbye to excess fluids
15-S Siberian Ginseng - Caps. XXI

15-S Siberian Ginseng Caps XXI

A general stimulant
16-S Echinacea - Caps. XXI

16-S Echinacea Caps XXI

Complete immune support
17-S Hawthorn - Caps. XXI

17-S Hawthorn Caps XXI

Heart rate alterations / High blood pressure
23-S Blackcurrant - Caps. XXI

23-S Blackcurrant Caps XXI

Relief of rheumatic pains
29-S Pau D’arco - Caps. XXI

29-S Pau D’arco Caps XXI

Adjuvant in type-2 diabetes / Infections
30-S Propolis - Caps. XXI

30-S Propolis Caps XXI

The natural antibiotic
33-S Rough Star-Thistle - Caps. XXI

33-S Red Star-Thistle Caps XXI

Reduces blood glucose levels