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All about us

Soria Natural is a company dedicated to the cultivation and manufacturing of natural products in Spain.

Since 1982, Soria Natural has been working for the well-being of people, offering natural products made from medicinal plants, dietary supplements and organic food to help improve the quality of their lives.

As a leading laboratory in Natural Medicine, the commitment of Soria Natural is the constant search for natural solutions to take care of health with a clear identity:

  • Continuous research.
  • Constant innovation.
  • High quality raw materials.
  • Exhaustive quality controls.
  • A working method based on excellence and respect for nature.

All this results in safe and effective natural products.

Soria Natural Group

The beginnings of Soria Natural are rooted in Phytotherapy. The passion for medicinal plants that the founder of Soria Natural, Antonio Esteban Villalobos, felt since he was a child, was transformed into a business project that has grown over the years.


New ranges of nutritional supplements and dietetic products were added to the natural products based on medicinal plants. In 1995 Soria Natural launched Homeosor, now called Pharmasor, its pharmaceutical division.

Food range

In 2003, ahead of market trends, Soria Natural opened a new line dedicated to the cultivation, processing and marketing of organic and 100% plant-based foods.

A large group, greater confidence

Soria Natural has a staff of more than 500 professionals and a product catalog of more than 800 natural references. We are present in more than 4,000 sales points among herbal shops, parapharmacies, ecocenters, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Soria Natural is also firmly committed to a strategy of international expansion.

In addition to our production plant in Garray (Soria), we have another laboratory in Querétaro (Mexico) and we distribute our natural products in the five continents.

Find more about our Soria Natural subsidiary in Querétaro (Mexico).

Experts in medicinal plants

The essence of Soria Natural grows from the soil. Our love for nature has led us to obtain from it the raw material we use to produce our natural products with the utmost respect for the planet, taking care of it and preserving it.

The use of medicinal plants is as old as humanity. The first civilizations used them as remedies for their health. For the last forty years, Soria Natural has been combining this ancient natural wisdom with the latest scientific advances. We extract the best of each plant and each crop to formulate natural products from raw materials of the highest quality, which help us to improve our health.

Diverse values. A single identity.


All our projects begin and end here, in our R&D&I center, our maximum challenge.



We listen carefully. We pursue innovation. We develop solutions.


Good ideas are translated into good products.


We listen carefully. We pursue innovation. We develop solutions.


Good ideas are translated into good products.


We take care and respect the origin of everything: the soil.



We combine quality ingredients with the latest technology to obtain the best products.

Quality controls

Our ambition for quality in the whole process leads us to achieve excellence.

Working as a big family

Soria Natural believes that with the right people, anything is possible. Teamworking is the key to success.

Closer to you

We show you the value of nature.
We bring you the result of a great work.

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