Con el sello de calidad de Soria Natural

Our seal of quality

Our Quality Management System, based on the international standard ISO 9001, is designed to achieve the highest quality products and processes. Our single identity, our excellence seal.

Our management system is based on our Quality Policy with the aim of achieving the total satisfaction of our clients and consumers, the highest quality standards and the commercialization of safe products.

A quality policy must be supported by an environmental policy. In Soria Natural we have implemented and certified an Environmental Management System according to the international standard ISO 14001, in order to minimize the reduction of pollution in all our processes.

Quality, efficacy and safety of our products are always the main basis of our work.

Soria Natural is also certified with other recognized certifications.

Quality controls

Quality guarantees the efficacy and safety of our products.

Quality control
of raw materials

Quality control
of finished products

Quality control
of the production process

satisfaction management

Technical control

Quality control of raw materials

A raw material with excellent conditions is essential to guarantee high standards of efficacy, quality and safety in products, especially in those developed to take care of people’s health.

For this reason, Soria Natural grows its own crops, ensuring the highest quality of raw materials and finished products.

Specialized external suppliers

Sometimes it is not possible for us to grow certain plants due to weather conditions, geographical location, etc., so we have to buy them from specialized external suppliers.

We work with carefully selected suppliers, who are subject to a strict approval process in which their quality system, certifications and product specifications are evaluated.

Reception and storage of raw materials

The quality management system of Soria Natural focuses special attention on the process of reception and storage of raw materials. Before being incorporated into the manufacturing process, strict controls and analyses are carried out in our quality control laboratory.