Pets and children: a lifelong friendship

The relationship between pets and children is an inexhaustible source of love and teachings. But this friendship goes far beyond simple affection. This article outlines the benefits that growing up and living together has for both pets and children.

Pets, be they dogs, cats, rabbits, small rodents, fish, etc., become loyal friends and playmates for our children. Animals provide companionship, enhance children’s emotional development, reduce stress, and promote physical activity in them. On their part, animals benefit from this relationship by learning tolerance and patience, socializing, and stimulating their minds.

Why is coexistence beneficial both for pets and children?

  • Companionship and friendship. Pets offer a unique company, as the shared moments and secret discussions reinforce the emotional bonds between them and thus help children feel safe and loved. In addition, pets benefit from children’s care since their quality of life is enhanced and their companionship makes them feel safe and loved.
  • Emotional development. Interaction with pets teaches children valuable life lessons as they learn how to recognize and express their feelings, as well as how to develop empathy. Moreover, taking care of pets, walking with them, or feeding them promotes their responsibility. On the other hand, interaction with children contributes to the cognitive development of animals, and as they cohabit with children since they are puppies, they learn to better adapt to future situations.
  • Stress decrease. The presence of a pet may be a balm in stressful situations. Some studies have proven that by simply caressing an animal, our body releases endorphins thus reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. For animals, learning to live with children is a real challenge too, but they finally become more tolerant and patient by knowing children’s behavior.
  • Encouraging physical activity. Animals are experts in promoting physical activity in children, especially dogs. Daily walks and outdoor or indoor games are an essential part of their routine and keep children active and away from mobile devices.

You will surely consider the option of adding a new member to your family after reading this article!

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